Anti-Hairfall Shampoo
Anti-Hairfall Shampoo
Anti-Hairfall Shampoo
Anti-Hairfall Shampoo
Anti-Hairfall Shampoo
Anti-Hairfall Shampoo
Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

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SKU: Siya Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

✔ Reduces Hair Fall: Our advanced formula is scientifically proven to reduce hair fall by strengthening hair strands and minimizing breakage, helping you maintain strong, healthy hair.

✔ Sulfate and Paraben-Free formula: Free from harsh chemicals, our shampoo offers a gentle yet effective cleansing experience, suitable for even the most sensitive scalps.

✔ Hydrates & Cleanses: Formulated with natural ingredients, our shampoo hydrates and cleanses the hair, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized with each wash.

✔ Promotes Hair Thickening: Enriched with an herbal blend of ingredients, our shampoo promotes hair growth, encouraging thicker, fuller hair over time.

Size: 200ml

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Experience the powerhouse formula in your shampoo enriched with the hair growth benefits of Redensyl and other effective ingredients. It has been crafted in a way to combat hair fall and improves the quality of your tresses from root to tip.

It has Redensyl which works to promote thicker, fuller hair, restoring confidence and vitality in your hair. This anti-hairfall shampoo is a sulfate and paraben-free formula suitable for all hair types which hydrates and cleanses the hair while reducing breakage and promoting overall hair health. With every use, this shampoo gently cleanses the scalp while removing impurities and leaving your hair feeling soft, shiny, and rejuvenated.


  • Redensyl Enriched Formula: Redensyl and other effective ingredients in this shampoo are designed to increase hair growth benefits while combatting hair fall and enhancing the quality of your hair from root to tip.
  • Thicker, Fuller Hair: Redensyl, a key ingredient in this formula, works to promote thicker and fuller hair, instilling confidence and vitality into your hair. 
  • Sulfate and Paraben-Free: This anti-hair fall shampoo offers a gentle yet effective cleansing experience, suitable for all hair types. Free from sulfates and parabens, it hydrates and purifies the hair while reducing breakage and promoting overall hair health. 

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Promotes Hair Growth

Experience the power of our Hair Growth Serum, meticulously formulated with potent ingredients like biotin and keratin to nourish follicles and stimulate growth from the roots. Say goodbye to thinning strands and hello to newfound confidence as our serum revitalizes your mane. Whether you're battling hair loss or longing for fuller locks, our serum is your trusted ally for achieving radiant, flourishing hair.

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Why choose Siya Ayurveda Anti - hairfall shampoo?

Opting for Siya Ayurveda's Anti - hairfall shampoo is a strategic choice for addressing all your hair fall concerns. Siya Ayurveda focuses on healing principles, aiming to address the root causes of hair loss rather than merely managing its symptoms. Here are the key points about Siya Ayurveda's approach to hair growth using their Anti - hairfall shampoo:

  • Siya Ayurveda's Anti - hairfall shampoo harnesses the power of best and therapeutic ingredients, minimizing the risks of side effects commonly associated with synthetic products.
  • By targeting the underlying causes of hair loss, Siya Ayurveda's Anti - hairfall shampoo offers sustained relief and long-term improvement in hair health.
  • Specially formulated to individual needs, Siya Ayurveda's approach to hair fall control acknowledges that every individual's condition is unique, ensuring personalized treatment plans for optimal results.
  • Encouraging patient involvement in the process, Siya Ayurveda emphasizes self-care practices, lifestyle modifications, and dietary adjustments alongside the use of their Anti - hairfall shampoo.
  • Addressing imbalances in the scalp and promoting overall scalp health not only stimulates hair growth but also minimizes the likelihood of hair loss recurrence.

Note: You can also consult our qualified Hair specialist, Dr. Megha Chaturvedi affiliated with Siya Ayurveda, to ensure the safe and effective use of their Anti - hairfall shampoo as a complementary treatment for hair loss concerns.

The Power of Siya Hair Hibiscus Oil for Hair Care

Hibiscus, also known as the 'flower of hair care' in Ayurveda, has been cherished for centuries for its incredible benefits for hair. This natural wonder is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients for hair health. Let's explore how Hibiscus works its magic:

  • Nourishing Hair Follicles
  • Siya Hair Hibiscus Oil stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, ensuring that your hair follicles receive ample nutrients and oxygen. This nourishment is the foundation for healthy hair growth.

  • Strengthens Hair Strands
  • Regular use of Siya Hair Hibiscus Oil strengthens the hair shaft, preventing breakage and split ends. You'll notice reduced hair fall and an overall improvement in hair texture.

  • Natural Shine and Bounce
  • Siya Hair Hibiscus Oil imparts a natural sheen to your locks, making them look lustrous and vibrant. Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair!

Siya Hair Hibiscus Oil Specification:

  • Our Secret Formula
  • Siya Hair Hibiscus Oil is meticulously crafted with a blend of potent Ayurvedic herbs and, of course, the star ingredient, Hibiscus. Here's what makes our formula exceptional:

  • Pure and Natural Ingredients
  • We believe in the power of nature. Our oil contains no harsh chemicals, parabens, or sulfates. It's 100% natural and safe for all hair types.

  • Fast-Acting Formula
  • Experience visible results in as little as a few weeks. The combined power of Hibiscus and Ayurvedic herbs in our oil promotes rapid hair growth.

  • Scalp Health and Dandruff Control
  • Siya Hair Hibiscus Oil stimulates hair growth and soothes the scalp, reducing dandruff and itchiness. It's a holistic solution for all your hair and scalp problems.

Unlock the secret to enviable hair with our Siya Hair Hibiscus Oil infused with Hibiscus. Embrace the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the natural power of Hibiscus for hair that's strong, shiny, and full of life. Say goodbye to hair woes and hello to your best hair days yet! Try our Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil today and experience the magic of Hibiscus for yourself.

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Siya Ayurveda Anti Hairfall Shampoo

Siya Hair Hibiscus Oil is a natural hair oil made with unique ingredients like hibiscus and other herbs. It helps make hair healthier and supports growth.

Wet your hair and apply ample amount of Shampoo into your scalp, massage & lather the shampoo. Allow the shampoo to sit for a few minutes then rinse with water. Follow up with your preferred conditioner and you'll see a vast difference in your hairfall within few uses.

This serum contains ingredients like Redensyl which stimulate hair growth at the root and prolong the life cycle of your hair. It also helps to boost hair density by preventing hairloss.

With regular use, you can expect to see increased hair density, reduced hair fall, and improved overall hair health in few weeks. 

Yes, this shampoo is suitable for all hair types and is designed to address common hair concerns across the board.